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Manila Flight Status

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Manila in- and outbound flight status

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This flight near Manila (RPLL) is a Korean Air flight (KAL) with flight number 621. The plane is a Boeing 777-200 (B772). It is flying at an altitude of 3300 feet (33) with a speed of 199 knots (199). It comes from Seoul Incheon (RKSI) and is flying to Manila (RPLL). The altitude and speed is sometimes replaced by the word "ESTIMATED" when no data is available.


Blue symbols design flights in- or outbound Manila airport (RPLL). Green symbols design flights from and to other airports.


You can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel or the zooming gestures on your smartphone. Hit on the + sign for more options.

This map is updating automatically every 15 to 20 seconds.

For IATA airport codes in the Philippines please see our "Philippines Domestic Airports" page.

Manila Flight Status

This flight status display is unfortunately only usable for international flights. The Air Traffic Management (ATM) in Manila is not yet connected to the Internet. This is why domestic flights always have the status "Scheduled" in the right hand table.

The three biggest airlines in the country have now their own flight status pages:

Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Cebu Pacific Air (CEB)


You can switch between "Arrivals" and "Departures" by using the respective radio buttons. You may also choose another 3 hours time-span. The list shows by default the current time-span.

PAL Flight Status

PALexpress Flight Status

Cebu Pacific Air Flight Status

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