News from the Philippines

Weather 2014-07-26 0

July or January?

July or January? A friend from the Island posted this picture of their cat. Caption: Weather like in January – everybody under cover  ;-) 

Weather 2014-07-26 0

Nasty weather in the south

Nasty weather in the south of the Philippines. The slowly approaching Tropical Depression (TD) hovers east of Mindanao and brings heavy rainfall to the southern islands.  This Tropical Depression is moving very slowly towards...

Earthquake 2014-07-25 0

Strong Earthquake in Southern Leyte

A Strong Earthquake hit Southern Leyte this morning at 07:75. The earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred in a depth of 6 km near Hinundayan in Southern Leyte. The felt intensity was VI on  PEIS (Phivolcs Earthquake...

Weather 2014-07-24 0

2 Low Pressure Areas queuing up

2 Low Pressure Areas queuing up for the Philippines. The two LPAs 96W and 98W are slowly moving westwards. They are still weak with 1006 hPa. They will not develop within the next 24 hours.  In...

Typhoon MATMO/Henry 0

Typhoon MATMO/Henry’s backdoor

Typhoon MATMO/Henry seems to pass by. But even if it is not hitting the Philippine islands it is amplifying the south-west monsoon called Habagat. These winds can get rather strong. Yesterday afternoon Habagat got...

Typhoon MATMO/Henry 0

Typhoon MATMO/Henry has turned north

Typhoon MATMO/Henry has turned north last night.  Unfortunately we could not report these good news because we had a long lasting brownout. The storm is now 645 km east-southeast of Virac, Catanduanes. It moves very slowly...

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry 0

MATMO Henry could become dangerous

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry continued on a nearly westward track and approached the Philippine islands during the last 24 hours. This morning the center was at 645 km east-northeast of Siargao Island. Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry is intensifying.  Tropical Storm...

TS MATMO/Henry 0

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry

Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry has intensified as it entered PAR. Tropical Storm MATMO/Henry is expected to continue moving slowly north-northwestward during the next 24 to 48 hours. On the forecast track, the storm will continue to move...

Weather 2014-07-17 0

Agitated Northwest Pacific

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda has left the Philippine islands and is on its way to Hainan (China). But the agitated Northwest Pacific will soon bring more Low Pressure Areas that can develop into cyclones.  On this static satellite image...

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda 0

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda out in the sea

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda has left the Philippine islands. It lost a lot of strength and is now off the coast of Bataan. Rainfall around Metro Manila got much weaker. Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda is now heading towards Hainan...

Camiguin-2014-07-16 0

Camiguin – the sun is back

After the strong winds and high waves yesterday, the sun is back in Camiguin. Habagat is back to a gently blowing breeze and the waves are again blue. Fishermen bring out their boats and...

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda 0

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda over Manila Bay

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda had intensified to Cat. 3 last night when it made landfall near Legazpi City. The storm moved over Bicol, shaking Iriga City and Naga City. The storm continued over Laguna and Metro...

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda 0

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda clear eye

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda is in the Gulf of Albay and shows a clear eye. The typhoon is now moving towards Legazpi City. Landfall will happen within minutes between Legazpi City and Santo Domingo.    

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda 0

Strong winds and grey sky

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda amplifies Habagat monsoon in the southern islands. In Camiguin we have strong winds and high waves. The beach in Agoho is changing the shore line dramatically.  The general situation.  The center of Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda...