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#WestValleyFault 0

#WestValleyFault Earthquake

Within a few days the hashtag #WestValleyFault spread all over the Philippines. It became so viral that in different forums people were asking about the Magnitude 7.2 earthquake that hit Metro Manila last Sunday....

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Funny Spiders

Jumping spiders (family Salticidae) are funny companions. My “office” is outside our house on a shadowy veranda. Most of the time when I work on my laptop computer, one of these funny and curious...


CAAP in bad position

CAAP, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines grounded two airlines yesterday. SkyJet Airlines and South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) were forced to suspend operations. Everything looks like an emergency operation of the CAAP top...

Tropical Storm DOLPHIN-2015-05-12 0

Tropical Storm DOLPHIN approaching

Heavy rains and strong winds flattened houses on coastal areas as Typhoon NOUL/Dodong crashed into Cagayan, killing two people and prompting more than 3,000 residents to move to shelters. This typhoon left the Philippines...

Cartooning for Peace 0

Cartooning for Peace in Manila

Founded in 2006 at the UN Headquarters in New York by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Plantu, “Cartooning for Peace” is a network of 130 cartoonists around the world who use the...

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong 2015-05-09 0

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong – off Bicol

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong is now off the coast of Bicol and has been upgraded to a Category 3 Typhoon. The cyclone has gained a little bit of strength when it moved on a generally northwesterly track.  Here in...

Octopus moving 0

Funny Under Water World

‘Poussin Diver’ posted this funny octopus on April 19, 2015. The octopus is moving over sandy ground carrying two coconut shells with him. The octopus uses these two shells like a mobile home.

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong 2015-05-08 0

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong almost Cat. 3

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong has continued its approach to the Philippine islands as predicted. The cyclone got stronger but a bit smaller. Its current diameter is estimated at 640 km. Upgrade to category 3 will happen...

Bulusan Volcano, Sorsogon 0

Bulusan Volcano getting nervous

Bulusan Volcano’s Alert Level has been raised to 1. Yesterday (May 6, 2015), Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon Province generated a steam-driven explosion from a vent on its northwest upper slopes that propelled an ash...

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong 2015-05-07 0

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong now Cat.1

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong has gained strength and has entered PAR. The cyclone has turned northwest and has increased forward speed to 15 – 19 km/h. GDACS has issued a RED ALERT. Global Disaster Alert and Coordination...

500th Earthquake 2015 0

500th Earthquake in 2015

This morning, May 6, we recorded the 500th earthquake in the Philippines in 2015. We live on a shaky underground. Fortunately this year we hadn’t to record devastating earthquakes in the Philippines and we really...

Tropical Storm NOUL 2015-05-06 0

Cyclone NOUL almost Typhoon

As predicted, Cyclone NOUL will be upgraded to a Typhoon Category 1 today. This might even happen a bit earlier. Central pressure went down from 985 hPa to 976 hPa. Wind speed near the...

Tropical Storm NOUL 2015-05-05 0

Tropical Storm NOUL getting stronger

Tropical Storm NOUL is currently moving slowly westward. Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that Tropical Storm NOUL will become a typhoon category 1 tomorrow. Tropical Storm NOUL is gaining strength. The central pressure went down from...

NAIA-3 traffic jam 0


NAIA Expressway worsens traffic around airport ABS-CBN writes: Traffic around the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has worsened due to road constraints brought about by the ongoing NAIA Expressway project. Taxi drivers have been...