Black Hole between Lazada and LBC

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  1. Lazada PH says:

    Hi, please be advised that we tried calling the number on our file under (order number 378888966). However, it was a wrong number. We sent a message via email. Kindly check it for your reference. Hope we can hear a feedback soon. Thank you.

    • waebi says:

      Thanks for your message.
      I sent an answer by e-mail at 19:40 this evening.
      Regards, waebi

    • Maria Andrea L. De Guzman says:

      Hi Lazada, could you please make an update of my item. I also have the same situation with WAEBI. I ordered and already paid the item last month JUNE 26, 2016 and since August 2, 2016 the status of my item on LBC Tracking system is still on “FORWARDED TO SF-CEBU”. I already emailed you last week but no response. How long will take to arrive here in Cebu. I am beyond disappointed. I bought this item as a gift for my friend this August 23 and I doubt I would be able to give her this on her day. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

      This is my order number: Order 383198186
      LBC Tracking #:791006740706

    • Jhoi says:

      Hi Lazada. My order has been with Solutions Crossdock Alabang since October 20,2016. Please check on this. Thank you! T# 791007550536

  2. Wolfgang Heinze says:

    Hi, I have the same experience. Ordered printer cartridges on 2nd of July for my brother in law.
    Shipment will arrive by: 6 Jul – 7 Jul, 2016,Use tracking ID:791006464349
    LBC tracking says:
    July 04, 2016 07:26:50 AM FORWARDED TO CFS PORT AREA
    Wonder when it will arrive. This was my first order with LAZADA and used “Cash on delivery” option.
    Regards Wolfgang

    • waebi says:

      Seems to be an LBC problem.
      The LBC tracking system gets an initial tracking number.
      You and me, we could track the LBC parcel up to a point and then the LBC “Black Hole” attacks.

      I hope you ordered “cash on delivery”.
      I’ll come back to these subject because I already had another “black hole” case with LBC before.

      Cheers, waebi

  3. Hello, me and my friends saw an ad about powerbanks, since we play Pokemon Go and wanted to “catch them all”, we ordered the Romoss Sense 6 from After a day, I received a confirmation. This is my 2nd time ordering from lazada, so I thought, maybe they had some problems in their system, since it took them a day to send the confirmation and the shipment status. August 19, 2016 at 2AM, I received the email. Then, a minute after, I received another email saying it was being shipped to LBC. There was a weekend up ahead the scheduled delivery, so I also thought, maybe monday, it’ll arive. But today, wednesday, the last day of the scheduled delivery, there’s still no email, no text, and no change in the logs of the tracking number the LBC gave to me. My friends too, who ordered the same item earlier than me. This has been an aweful experience, not just for me, but for my first-time-buyer friends.

  4. waebi says:

    Hi Lorenz,
    The number of frustrated customers is growing every day.
    We read it here and in forums. We hear it from friends.
    The black hole seems to at the LBC Crossdock Alabang.

    Call Lazada’s service hotline: +63 (0)2 795 8900

    Cheers, waebi

  5. Rosa Man says:

    Hi lazada,could you please make an update of my item.I ordered and already paid the item setpember 3,2016 and since September 7,2016 the status of my item on LBC tracking system is still RECEIVE AT GENERAL SANTOS September 8,2016 I track my item but still in general santos distribution. When I receive a confirmation of my order from lazada my order will receive September 8,2016.I bought that item for my daughter.

    This is my order number:341835156
    Lbc tracking #:771007163338

  6. Tim Cruz says:

    I also purchased an item in Lazada this will be the 10th time that I will order an item to them but this time it will be coming from the China (Vistore). I paid using my credit card because you can’t do any COD for items that came from abroad. After 3 days they told me that the item was shipped using LBC. when I tracked the number that they gave me there is no information showed up in LBC’s website and I do not know where my parcel is. Can you help me on this one Lazada-PH?

    ORDER: 336453316
    TRACKING ID (LBC): 891005586406

  7. Jhoi says:

    Haha. This made me laugh. I got into this just because i am experiencing the same shit.

  8. i returned some item but i got the wrong amount of reimbursement im disappointed ! then november 5,2016 i order Cignus UV-85+ Dual Band VHF/UHF Two Way Portable Radio (Black)..the given time for arrival has expired i got nothing ths day november 19,2016 no item receive.

  9. joseph mansilungan says:

    same with me,I ordered 2 hp printer last november 11 and it still at crossdock solution alabang, so disappointed
    tracking # 771007762790

  10. kevin says:

    bakit still crossdock parin ang status sa order ko almost 3 days na still ng duon padin follow up ko lng sana ito po ang tracking # 791008321351

  11. Tenderloins says:

    Now im worried kasi sa sinabi nyo, kakaorder ko lang since last few days and its also still stuck at Solution Crossdock Alabang… it says that in might arrived in Dec 25-29 and bukas its the last day…. I wish it arrived today or next day and, i dont want to arrived next year because im preparing para sa regalo ko sa kapatid ko

  12. Annabel says:

    Wala pa din yung order ko..paki folliw naman po hanggang ngayon hindi pa na dating..791008469489

  13. Shin says:

    This happened to me as well unfortunately. It’s good that there’s an immediate response from the customer service of Lazada, but it really irks me that they promise a certain date (a date way past the promised date of arrival on their system) and still don’t receive any item on that day. I’ve been extending my patience for quite a while now, especially on the fact that I ordered that product last December 29, 2016. It’s a good thing that we ordered through cash-on-delivery basis, but I’m still annoyed at the fact that I have not received anything yet. The product by the way is a tablet worth 5,500+ Php, and with the shipping service we have here in the PH, who knows what had happened to that tablet. In case a problem resurfaces after getting the product, is there even a chance to return the item now that I’ve exceeded my 7 day return warranty. Really frustrating. And as per LBC’s tracking status, it still shows the same “Encoded at SF – CEBU” status. Last update was on December 30, 2016. I don’t even know what should I expect anymore.

  14. Ron C says:

    Happened to me also. I placed my order last Dec 8, 2016 and until now the package is with LBC’s possession as per their tracking site. LBC’s customer service also is suck. Agents always leave the chat conversation after initial reply without giving any update or clarification to my package. Tet and Sheena did that to me several times. After I provided them the tracking number, they leave the chat. Looks like they know the problem and chose not to tell the real situation.

  15. Renzo Carl Collantes says:

    My order is stated as “Received at CFS port station” and I have been waited for 6 days already to the given estimated time of delivery and now this is the 3rd day of the estimated time of delivery.

  16. josephine alvarez says:

    how many days to be delivered the said item to Dasamariñas, Cavite? 2weeks?3weeks? please check this 891004839447

  17. Jake says:

    haha. I ordered a guitar and waited til’ a day beyond the receiving date but it didn’t arrive. But the problem is not with LBC but with the merchant. so I ordered another item and now its processed and being shipped, lets see if I’ll receive it this time. My order should arrive starting today til 23.
    Btw what is meant by “received at mid day”?

  18. cureta says:

    item ordered badly needed… please check Tracking No. 791008475135.. Thanks!

    • waebi says:

      Here it is:

      Jan 06, 2017
      07:45 pm

      Jan 05, 2017
      01:14 am

      Jan 04, 2017
      03:31 pm

      Jan 04, 2017
      09:26 am

      Jan 04, 2017
      05:37 am

      Again the Crossdock in Alabang …


  19. Thomas says:

    it seems that there is a problem but only in certain areas or specifically the crossdock in alabang, I have ordered from Lazada at least 8 times,various items going to leyte, and always received my order ahead of schedule. Still I will always order cash on delivery to be safe.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Thomas,
      That’s good news, at least for you.
      With the troubles at SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG it is absolutely recommended to always order cash on delivery to be safe.
      Chhers, waebi

  20. Deej says:

    I understand that you will have to oick up your package at the
    LBC warehouse if you weren’t at home when they deliver it, but what would happen if you decide not to claim it? The nearest LBC warehouse from my place is 4 hours away and I have spend 400 pesos for the commute which I’m not willing to do

  21. JAMES O SULLIVAN says:

    I have found Lazada customer service very reasonable. Out of 20+ orders in the past year there was only one problematic “black hole”. They refunded my card payment (which was in my account within two days) and my order arrived the next day! I also had to return one item through their LBC system. Their response and full refund was within three days.

    • waebi says:

      Hi James,
      Thank you for your positive feedback.
      Last week I also had a positive experience with Lazada/LBC.
      The item ordered arrived Saturday evening at 6 p.m. in a torrential rain.
      The LBC guy did really a tough job and he told me, that he had 11 more small parcels to deliver the same evening.

      It seems that you have some experience with the Lazada/LBC system.
      May I ask you, to write us, how you did proceed with:
      – non delivery
      – returning

      Many readers of this blog would be happy to know how to do.
      Cheers, waebi

  22. aron says:

    I think if lbc tracking says “cfs port area,” it means that the parcel is shipped by sea , that’s why it will take time before it gets delivered.

  23. Tsay says:

    This is my first time to order in Lazada.
    The estimated delivery date is between feb 8 -13…
    Now, the status of my item is “RECEIVED AT SOLUTIONS CROSSDOCK ALABANG”.

    I hope I will not get disappointed with the LBC service. Let’s see if it will arrive on time.

    • waebi says:

      Crossing the fingers for your delivery.
      I had been lucky a week ago …
      Cheers, waebi

      • Tsay says:

        Bat po ganun?
        I track my order today in lbcexpress website and “No tracking details found. “?
        Here is my tracking number: 791008826364

        Please help me on this. I emailed both LBC and Lazada and still awaiting for their replies.

        • waebi says:

          Oh, gosh!
          I got the same result for your tracking number. Doesn’t look good.
          What does the Lazada tracking say? Already handed over to LBC?
          I hope you ordered as “Cash on Delivery”.
          Try to contact Lazada by phone. But they usually call you, when you send an e-mail.
          Good luck.
          CHeers, waebi

          • Tsay says:

            Yes, fortunately I ordered as cash-on-delivery coz I’m not so confident paying thru credit card..
            More patience..
            Thanks Waebi.

            BTW, here’s the response from Lazada:
            Good day.
            Upon coordinating with our courier, your order is already forwarded to our courier and soon to be delivered on your address. Please anticipate the delivery no later than February 13, 2017. Rest assured that our courier will contact you prior to the delivery so kindly keep your lines open. In any case that you will not be around during the time of delivery, kindly leave the exact payment to one of your representative.
            For the meantime, you may track the status of your order by simply providing your email and order number through this link: We also advised the LBC team update the tracker for you to be able to track it using your LBC tracking number.
            We hope for your continued patience and understanding regarding this matter.
            For more information about Lazada’s shipping and delivery, please refer to our Help Center page at
            Best regards
            Antonie Mayor – GICF | Customer Service |

            OK.. I gotta wait until Feb 13..

          • waebi says:

            Thanks for the feedback and good luck.
            Cheers, waebi

  24. Brad says:

    I made a big mistake. I bought a drone worth 55,000 with my credit card. It’s already past the promised shipping period. I have contacted both Lazada and LBC and they continually lie to me. Four days in a row, they said my package will arrive “tomorrow”. I’m losing hope. I have a feeling I might end up in small claims court.

    • waebi says:

      Hi Brad,
      That sounds not good.
      Do you track your order on Lazada and LBC?
      What is the status?
      If the parcel has left the Alabang Crossdocking, then there is hope.
      Sometimes a truck breaks down and the cargo has to wait.

      If you do not receive your drone, get in contact with Lazada and your bank.
      You can block the credit-card payment.
      Good luck, waebi

  25. Cathy says:

    Hi Lazada — LBC TRacking : 791009222336
    March 24, 2017 09:35:10 PM
    Arrived at CFS PORT AREA.
    March 24, 2017 02:54:15 PM
    Forwarded to CFS PORT AREA.

    I hope this did not get caught in the black hole. T_T please check

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