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Two new pages 0

Two new pages

We added two new pages: – Golf: a list of all golf clubs and courses in the Philippines islands  – Fiestas and Festivals Calendar    By the way, today we celebrate St. Peter’s fiesta...

New Office 0

New Office

Silent Gardens has a new office. We moved to Bolok-Bolok (Mambajao) on the island of Camiguin. The new office is on the beach and from the desk we can see Bohol island.

MTV shooting on Camiguin Island 0

MTV shooting on Camiguin Island

Due to the turbulences of typhoon Fengshen the MTV did arrive one day late on Camiguin island. Today MTV did take sequences with 2 crews in different spots of our island. The final movie...

Fengshen: Only Signal 2, but killing 0

Fengshen: Only Signal 2, but killing

Only three survivors have been found after a ferry with more than 700 people onboard capsized near the central Philippine island of Sibuyan, according to a Philippines Coast Guard official on Sunday. Four bodies...

Typhoon Fengshen closing in 0

Typhoon Fengshen closing in

The Philippines placed army units on alert on Friday as Typhoon Fengshen swept into the center of the archipelago with gusts of up to 140 kph (87 mph). Fengshen, the sixth typhoon to hit...

Mayon is definitely a “she”! 0

Mayon is definitely a “she”!

Volcanoes do have a sex. Grumbling Mount Hibok-Hibok is rather male. Looking always with his white and gray beard over Camiguin Island. But Mayon is definitely a female. She is nearly always hiding her...

Very High Tide – 2.10 meters 0

Very High Tide – 2.10 meters

Today we had an extreme high tide. In Mambajao on Camiguin Island the water rose so high, that a part of the market and the main street were flooded. 1 or 2 centimeters more...

Escaped from super typhoon Rammasun 0

Escaped from super typhoon Rammasun

Typhoon RAMMASUN has passed by! On May 10 it even had been classified as Super-Typhoon.  Remember “Loleng” (Babs) in October 1998. It first had been classified as “Signal 3” and then transformed into a...

Bad Roads in Panay 0

Bad Roads in Panay

I just took a bus from Tangalan to Iloilo. The roads in central Panay are in an awful state.  The bus needed some 5 hours. (OK, we stopped in Kalibo, because the crew was...