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DJI Phantom 2 GPS Drone over Bohol 0

Bohol – Outstanding Aerial Movie

Brian Landry produced an Outstanding Aerial Movie in Bohol. Brian used a DJI Phantom 2 GPS Drone with a  GoPro Hero 3+ camera. Below we show some screen shots. The original movie is available on YouTube. If you...

Tarsier Conservation in Upper Bonbon 0

Good News for Bohol Tarsiers

During years Bohol Tarsiers were held in captivity by restaurants and tour operators along the Loboc river. This natural drama is now finally finished. There are now only two sites where you can see...

Animals in Bohol 0

Animals in Bohol

The Philippines are very rich of animals. In Bohol you can find them nearly everywhere. The only things you need is enough time and a good guide. (Thanks Hampi). First a Tarsier There is...