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CAAP in bad position

CAAP, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines grounded two airlines yesterday. SkyJet Airlines and South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR) were forced to suspend operations. Everything looks like an emergency operation of the CAAP top...

CAAP-LTFRB How is my driving? 1

How is my driving ?

CAAP has not yet printed their own stickers. So they asked their friends from LTFRB to give them a hand full of their stickers. As an immediate action following the plowing adventure of a...

Saint Zest 4

We found “Saint Zest” !

While surfing in the Philippines’ airlines waves we found “Saint Zest”! 2Z also known as Zest Air or Pest Air had been grounded Friday by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). CAAP listed...