WARNING: Do not subscribe to SMART

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  1. Christina says:

    Smart Call and Text and Smart talk tipid dont buy it!!!! Call and text only use one time with one minute then its gone… Waisting MONEY… Talk tipid cannot hear in headset…
    Hope if ever they have some products like this make sure that it works because this affect US..
    The consumer….

  2. JJ says:

    I agree, Smart is a bunch of incompetent jackasses who could not run an internet company if their damn life depended on it. Go with Smart (should be called stupid) and you will certainly be cheated. You will be overcharged significantly for an internet service that they are just not capable of providing. Smart managers are cowards who hide behind their desk while they hire morons who do not have a clue as to what is going on, to handle the customer.

    Here is a thought, Smart. Fire every damn manager who does not give access to your customers. What do you need them for? To take your customer’s money while you continue to cheat them month after month after month. You all belong in jail.

  3. Jerome Aresta says:

    I am an ofw..
    I subscribe to talk tipid, it was awesome for the first time I used it, the voice is clear.. but the second time a day after, their website says the service is not available. it’s been at most 3 weeks now that the service is not available.. I still have some credits there.
    also, when I attended the PDOS, one of the speaker there told us the roaming sim call charge is only about 5 pesos, so most of us who attended the PDOS bought that SIM. but it is not, it is still 20 pesos or higher..

  4. Peter N says:

    Our problem with smart is postpaid overcharging. like P106,000.00 (NO THIS IS NOT A TYPO ) over a 2 day period on an account that is capped at P999.00 per month, a P27,000.00 over a 3 day period that is capped at P2500.00. Refusal to negotiate the matter, phone calls as per your experience. I am an Australian expat living in the Philippines, I expect better from the leading telco in this country. They have picked on the wrong person with me because I will take them publicly to the highest court in the land if they continue with their arrogance and untimely phone calls.
    It is now 4 months since we emailed them our concerns and received “SR” numbers, not one contact have they made with us to address these concerns except to regularly ring demanding payment.
    We also have had problem with bill deliveries, just doesn’t happen, so on the 12th of the month (our bill is due on the 10th) our internet gets disconnected because I didnt pay the account I never got. their answer to us ” just pay your bill at the beginning of every month”
    Just a side note, The largest telco and internet provider in Australia, “Telstra” is starting a genuine high speed internet service into the Philippines in 2016. I say ” BRING IT ON “

  5. Medina A. Basarte says:

    I haven’t use my smart sim plan for almost six months but how come I have a balance payable amounting to Php 7,000 plus? Also I haven’t received any Statement of Account (SOA) from Smart and now their Law Office threatened me to file a Legal action against me. This is bullshit!

  6. AAA says:

    I also subscribe for SMART plan with phone and 1200pesos worth of load to register in flexi bundle. On the first month it’s ok, so I paid my 1st bill, 2nd month, I did not receive 1200pesos worth of load, I chat, email, call and even went to SMART customer service location, they fixed my account but I only have 5days left so I have to consume the 1200pesos load or it will expire after 5days. I registered it to flexi bundle with mobile data and unli text for 1month. After 1 week, I cannot receive text, sent message, cannot use my mobile date, no internet connection and cannot check for balance. So what’s the use of the 1month load I registered. Again, I wasted 1200pesos. I’m a full time mom, I cannot go to smart customer service every month to fix this. So I choose not to pay the succeeding bills. Now, they did not stop threatening me that they will file a case. They wrote me letters to pay 16k for not paying 4000++ of bill which I did not use and I did not receive and the termination fee if 11k+.. Calling me even if its already late at night. To much stress smart. Too poor services. Why should I pay you???? What should I do to their messages saying they will file a case in court?

    • Yeah says:

      That’s not true. A friend of mine works at smart, not really smart but agents from certain call center in ayala tasked to collect on delinquent accounts. The lawyer and a case in court is not true its just a bluff. You can change phone number and it ends there. Don’t pay them its okay

      • waebi says:

        Hello Troll,
        This is an old article from 2012.
        If you like to spam, do it. We are amazed of your posting.
        And changing the phone number? Is this a smart “SMART advice?
        Cheers, waebi

  7. first says:

    Now, the charges they put in our Smart Postpaid bills are not correct. They just invent the no. of texts and calls minutes we used. Monitor it using the smart online. Every day, they put numbers of texts and calls that I never used. If you are checking it, you won’t know. They are doing it to many smart subscribers. I will switch now to Globe. Spread this scam that the Smart is making.

  8. George E says:

    It has been 6 yrs that im with Smart. I had a bro line as well 3 yrs ago. I made a contract with smart that i am to pay the monthly fee until cancellation. With or without bills i knew that i am to pay my monthly bill. You may have activated the paperless billing in your case. You can call the hotline or go online to check your outstanding bill.
    Ka nga nila, kung d ka sisingilin hindi un dahilan na hindi mu babayaran utang mu.

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