2014 holidays in the Philippines

Regular Holidays and Special Holiday 2013

Today the President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III (aka. P-Noy), published next years official regular and special holidays in the Philippines 2014.

A. Regular Holidays
New Year’s Day                            – 1 January (Wednesday)
Araw ng Kagitingan                     – 9 April (Wednesday)
Maundy Thursday                       – 17 April
Good Friday                         – 18 April
Labor Day                            – 1 May (Thursday)
Independence Day                            – 12 June (Thursday)
National Heroes Day                            – 25 August (Last Monday of August)
Bonifacio Day                            – 30 November (Sunday)
Christmas Day                            – 25 December (Thursday)
Rizal Day                            – 30 December (Tuesday)
  B. Special (Non-Working) Days
Chinese New Year                           – 31 January (Friday)
Black Saturday                       – 19 April
Ninoy Aquino Day                            – 21 August (Thursday)
All Saints Day                            – 1 November (Saturday)
Additional special (non-working) days – 24 December (Wednesday)
                                                                   – 26 December (Friday)
Last Day of the Year                           – 31 December (Wednesday)
  C. Special Holiday (for all schools)
EDSA Revolution Anniversary – 25 February (Tuesday)

It is good to know that public transportation (flights, ferries and buses) are overcrowded before, on and after public holidays.

And there are man, many local holidays in all provinces. Each province, each municipality and each barangay celebrates its fiesta. Here in Camiguin we celebrate at least on holiday per week. The next big festival will be the Lanzones festival 2013 Link.

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  1. October 5, 2013

    […] Benigno Aquino III declares a Muslim Feast a regular holiday. And this is right so. Looking at the calendar of official holidays in the Philippines, one can see that many of these days are Christian holidays. Even the Chinese celebrate their New […]

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