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In many ports and even on high sea you encounter the pink 2Go logo. A lot of well known ferry companies like Negros Navigation or Cebu Ferries sail  pink for now more than two years.

2Go Travel

Did you know that the 2GO Group is a Chinese government-controlled company that operates a variety of logistics subsidiaries in the Philippines, most using some form of the 2GO brand, including 2GO Travel and 2GO Express. The company is the former Negros Navigation that underwent a rebranding in 2011 following a significant realignment of ferry transportation in the Philippines.

In December 2010, Negros Navigation announced that it had purchased the Aboitiz Transport System for US$105 million. The Aboitiz Transport System had been formed by first the break up of WG&A SuperFerry into SuperFerry and Carlos A. Gothong Lines and then the merging of SuperFerry with Cebu Ferries and SuperCat fast ferries into the Aboitiz Transport System.

2Go holds now approximately 50% market share of domestic Philippine freight, 16 passenger and freight vessels, 15,000 containers, 35 warehouses nationwide, 550 trucks, and 7,000 employees.

Question: When will other old Chinese families in the Philippines sell their properties to the Chinese government? is this acceptable by Philippines law? I always thought that foreigners can only possess 49% of a company. Who are the Filipino partners of 2Go? 

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