Again Cebu Pacific Air

Again Cebu-Pacific Air – The real Pinoy Airline – The story about Philip

Today I had to travel from Kalibo (KLO) to Cagayan de Oro (CGY).
There are no direct flights (why not?), so I had to fly KLO-MNL-CGY.
Unfortunately the flight KLO-MNL had been delayed for more than an hour and as expected, the flight MNL-CGY had already taken off, when I arrived in Manila.

To my big pleasure Cebu-Pacific Air dispatched a real professional to my attendance.
Philip managed everything for me. Issuing of a new ticket, handling my checked-through luggage, speeding up security checks and terminal-fee procedures. The next flight MNL-CGY was scheduled about 3 hours later.
Philip led me to a good Chinese restaurant, the Lin-Lu, and gave me a meal voucher plus cash for the drinks.

We agreed, that he will pick me up an hour later for the final paperwork and check-in. Philip was accurate as a Swiss watch. At 12:30 pm sharp he waited for me at the restaurant and led me back to the Domestic Terminal at Manila Airport. 

Philip from Cebu Pacific Air

This is just another sample that shows the quality of Cebu Pacific Air. It also shows the commitment of its staff – in this particular situation a fine professional named Philip. 
Salamat po Philip. Flowers

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