Agitated Northwest Pacific

Weather 2014-07-17

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda has left the Philippine islands and is on its way to Hainan (China). But the agitated Northwest Pacific will soon bring more Low Pressure Areas that can develop into cyclones. 

Weather 2014-07-17

On this static satellite image 4 potential Low Pressure Areas are visible. The left most LPA is already monitored by the Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA). This LPA 93W is currently at position North 10.0°, East 135.5° about 160 km NWN of Yap Islands. Most of the severe weather is building up east of the Philippines from nearby Palau to Micronesia and even the Marshall Islands. 

The development of these LPAs can be observed in our 24 hours satellite loops.

Low Pressure Area LPA 93W is not yet well organized but is consolidating very quickly. The probability that it becomes an active cyclone is higher than 50%.


We keep an eye on LPA 93W and inform you about its development.


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