AirPhil Express: It was a pilot error!

You may remember the runway overshot in Kalibo on February 13, 2011.

A passenger shot a movie of the landing. In these movie you can clearly see all the pilot’s errors.

  • At about 14 sec of the video we can see the beginning of the parking area. It ends at 17 seconds. Time to pass by is about 3 seconds  According to Google Earh, the parking area is ~ 240 meters long, meaning the airplane traveled 240 meters in 3 seconds. This gives a ground speed of 156kts. A little bit higher, isn’t it?
  • About 35 seconds into the video they go by a windsock. If it is a standard 15-knot sock, it shows about 7-8 knots of tailwind component. A pinoy pilot should know from where Amihan blows.
  • By using Google Earth and superimposing the video, it appears the touchdown point was approximately 4,700 feet down the runway, remaining distance = approx 2,500 feet to stop the aircraft. Why didn’t the pilot go around?
  • Listening to the sound, the reverse thrust seem to be at idle. And another thing is the announcement from the flight attendant! The announcement for seatbelts can be heard when they were already overhead the runway. All this looks like a very hurrying landing preparation.

But watch the movie yourself: Another source says that the captain and pilot flying is a former PAL B747 pilot. We heard that he is 62 years old …


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