An unexpected experience

… or how a problem can lead to a discovery.

Getting back from Bohol to Camiguin we took a van in Tagbilaran to reach the port in Jagna. Arriving in Jagna, we found no ferry in the port. OK, we often see the old steamer very late in the morning crossing over the Bohol Sea. So it might be late…

Nope: “There is no ferry today, maybe tomorrow”, was the answer from the port staff.

What now? Jagna is a small town with 1 port, 3 roads and a very old church. We had not yet seen a hotel or any other place, where we could sleep. Hopefully we took a tricycle and asked the driver to bring us to the next resort.

Bingo! Less than 2 minutes eastward out of town we found the “Domene Kaw”.

“Domene Kaw” means “Welcome” in the Camiguin dialect and we felt welcome. For PHP 1000 we got a fine, clean room with hot water and a balcony overlooking the sea. Dinner was served on the balcony and we enjoyed a meal that meets the best western and Filipino kitchens.

Domene Kaw in Jagna

The next day, nobody could tell us whether the ferry will sail or not. The owner of the “Domene Kaw” told us to watch out from our balcony. When we see the ferry, there will be enough time to get to the port.

After a fine breakfast we saw the ferry and said “See you again” to the fine crew of the “Domene Kaw”.

Camiguin island seen from Jagna, Bohol

The ferry left with only 1 hour delay. During the 4 hours journey to Mambajao (Balbagon port) we saw over 200 dolphins and some 50 flying fishes. 

Dolphins in the Bohol Sea

Sometimes a broken ferry engine can be very positive! Agree

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