Another customer service disaster – Port Terminals

Balbagon Port Terminal Building

Another customer service disaster are the new port terminals in the Philippines. The planning and construction of these buildings began under President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and are still continuing.

On Camiguin Island even two of these terminal buildings were built in the last two years, one in Balbagon and one in Benoni. Balbagon port sees one ferry per day leaving in the morning for Jagna in Bohol and coming back in the evening. On Saturday/Sunday there is an additional ferry from Cebu. 

To handle the passengers of this single ferry, this building had been put in the port:
Balbagon Port Terminal Building

These terminal buildings are fully air-conditioned and equipped with   x-ray luggage scanners. One would think that there are also ticket counters inside. But a sign says: NO TICKET = NO ENTRYBalbagon Port Terminal Building: No entry

While staff sits in their air-conditioned office inside the building, customers have to queue up outside at a window to buy there ticket:
Balbagon Port Terminal Building: Customers waiting outside

Fortunately there is a bit shadow in the morning during the summer months. In winter, when the sun passes south, you get BBQ-ed waiting for all the paperwork to be done. 

And the terminal fee counter is another window, where the sales clerk sits inside and the customers stand outside.

The situation over in Jagna is even worse. If you leave Jagna with a car, then you have to run around like a dervish. You need to get 4 tickets in 4 different buildings or huts and then you have to have them stamped in a fifth place. Staff is rude and speaks no English. Angry

[Editors comment:] Maybe the Philippines’ Tourism Office and the Philippine Port Authority should sit together to find a convenient solution. While staff sitting inside thinks that it’s more fun in the Philippines, the customers, the tourists who bring the money, stand outside and sweat and do not come again. Think!

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