Astonishing Hair Style in Guimaras

Filipinas are known for their long, smooth black hair, but there are exceptions.

One of them we discovered today at El Retiro Beach Park in Brgy. San Miguel Buonavista on Guimaras island. What an expression of a personal profile!

Astonishing Hair Style

This resort is the perfect starting point to discover 17th century Navales church. Only a 5 minutes walk on the beach and you get enchanted by La Roca Encantada. This villa built on the top of a rock is the summer residence of the Lopez family. From the top terrace you have a great view of the Siete Pecados (islands). 

La Roca Encantada in Guimaras

Being on Guimaras without eating mangoes is like being in Munich without drinking a beer.
Unfortunately the annual Manggahan festival had been celebrated 2 weeks before. But we did buy a big bunch of mangoes at Andres Ferrer’s fruit stand and had a sweet evening.

Guimaras - the island of mangoes

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