Beach collapse in Candelaria – Zambales

Candelaria - Zambales (click to enlarge map)

A portion of Puerta del Mar beach in Candelaria, Zambales collapsed Saturday afternoon. The sea water turned brown and emitted fine gas bubbles with sulfurous odor.

Candelaria - Zambales (click to enlarge map)

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) sent a team of 8 geologists to investigate. This scientists are now determining the cause of the beach slump, which involved 80 to 100 meters of the shoreline collapsing two meters deep. They are  also studying rock formations along the beach and checking if nearby areas are also susceptible to collapse.

A first quick analysis makes think that the collapse was a natural phenomenon. It may have been caused by soil erosion brought on by the strength of the tidal waves or the presence of a sinkhole.

The army has secured the beach and swimming there is currently prohibited.

Candelaria - Zambales

Photo courtesy of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau

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