Blondes have more fun in Asia


They are beautiful, they are intelligent, they are entrepreneurs – and they are blondes.

I met Simone in Boracay. She created the Funboard Center on Bulabog Beach. Simone does surfing and interior design. I winter she is in Boracay and in summer she is in Germany.

Photo courtesy of Simone by mail.

Simone is extremely active in Boracay. She not only runs the Funboard Center, she also offers fine food at the “Café Tabou”, teaches windsurfing, kite-surfing and yoga. And with her dragon boat team she just won 2x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze! Congrats girls!

Simone Dragonboat

Hey Simone, keep going strong!

And there is Kaila.
One day, about 5 years ago, a beautiful blonde showed up in Camiguin. Kaila Krayewski did share our humble hut on Bolok-Bolok Beach. Kaila runs an interesting website for female SEA travelers:


Kaila is a writer, blogger and traveler. She knows to mix business and fun. Her advice for woman travelers in South East Asia (SEA) are first hand. Kaila does not copy/paste old stories, she is discovering and experiencing. She doesn’t forward theory but talks about her experiences!


Kaila reverses also the picture of the old, fat sugar daddy. Even young and beautiful girls travel to South East Asia for fun. An excerpt of her website:

Dating a Thai man can be an enchanting, fun, exciting part of the Thailand experience. Many foreign girls have gone for it, and we’ve composed this dating guide based on their experiences. Here is your Thai guy dating cheat sheet…

Want to know more? Here it is Link

Blondes addict you think? Oh no. That had been in the past. Whistle

And there is one more! But she is off-shore at this moment. I’ll write about Michèle when she will be back. I hope, she’ll be here in a week or so. Bye Missing you …

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