Blumentritt ? Not only an MRT/LRT station in Manila

Rizal writes Blumentritt

Ferdinand Blumentritt  born on September 10, 1853, in Litoměřice (Czech Republic), was a teacher and a close friend of José Rizal.

Blumentritt became one of Rizal’s closest confidants although they met only once. He translated the latter’s first book, Noli Me Tangere, into German and wrote the preface to Rizal’s second book, El filibusterismo, although he was against its publication

Interesting to know is that  Blumentritt wrote expansively about the Philippines, although he never visited the islands.

ferdinand Blumentritt

I just wondered about this, for Asian tongues, strange name of a Railway station.
I did some short research on the WWW and found many interesting historic and cultural facts.

If you  read German language, have a look here:

Jose Rizal wrote Ferdinand Blumentritt in 1894 from Dapitan …

Rizal writes Blumentritt


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