Bodega Bar & Grill – a new little Paradise in Camiguin

Bodega Bar & Grill - Camiguin

Bodega Bar & Grill – while others complained and resigned during the crisis year of 2020, Anne Therese and Roga Cabucan created a new little paradise. You find it on the western coast of Camiguin. The restaurant is located in Looc, Catarman.

Not so easy to find

In fact it is not difficult to find Bodega Bar & Grill. But tropical nature is doing everything to hide this little paradise. Even with first indications from friends, we first drove by. This is why we first explain where to find it.
Map of CamiguinMap from The Camiguin Map

The bar & grill is about 250 meters from the highway. Take the road going up to Sto. NiƱo Cold Springs. To make sure that you find it, we recorded the GPS coordinates: 9.13409665 North, 124.66919326 East. Altitude is 40m. This is the exact position of my spoon.

You find the Bodega Bar & Grill also on facebook.

First impression of Bodega Bar & Grill

When you approach the entrance, you are immediately welcomed either by the friendly staff or even the owners. Currently their smiles are still hidden behind this silly COVID masks. But have a look in their eyes, they are smiling without showing teeth. 
Warm welcome with a smile
The first thing you see is a wall with dart games and a wheel of fortune. In the center of the restaurant is the open kitchen and BBQ station. Everything looks really clean and the smoke vent prevents tears in your eyes.
Bodega Bar & Grill -  BBQ StationCurrently extension works are ongoing. A chill-out platform is being built near the river wall. But there are several tables of different sizes and a garden bar available for the guests. For bigger groups we recommend to reserve +63 927 381 6351.

Food and drinks

A first look at the menu card reveals typical Filipino dishes: pork belly, tuna, sisig, ribs and BBQ sticks – of course with rice. It is the QUALITY that makes the difference. I am a guy difficult to satisfy. I ordered 3 BBQ sticks with rice and atchara. And afterwards I ordered the same again.
Why? Did I go mad? Hey, no. It is the composition of several things. The meat had been extra-tender, It hadn’t been this usual carbonized meat pieces, but lovely seasoned with spices and herbs. I could meet cumin and coriander, probably just a hint of rosemary. For the other herbs I’ll have to come back. Also the atchara had a nice refined touch. The ginger did not appear in hard sticks but thin pink slices as used from Japanese restaurants. Do you want to have a look?
Tasty Filipino Food with a touch of herbs and spices
Thank you my Butch for the lovely decoration on the top of the photo. And even the rice had been better than the rice we eat elsewhere. A secret? I don’t know. Try yourself. We will have to go back and eat everything offered on this card. 

Among the beverage and drinks you also find the usual Filipino mix from San Mig Pilsen to Light to Red Horse and flavored. But there are also some nice surprises:The Bodega beverage card

The Mojito Gold that our friend XXXXX ordered looked really powerful. We hope he safely drove back home afterwards. 
The prices for food and beverage are absolutely reasonable here in Camiguin. The quality is top.

There is hope at Bodega Bar & Grill

As I wrote in the introduction, Anne Therese and Roga Cabucan did not loose optimism during the hard year 2020, when COVID-19 haunted the world. They invested and are still investing and believing in the future. We really wish them all the best for their new business.

And that’s not all. They are also bringing entertainment and culture to the westside of Camiguin. Just yesterday evening they organized a concert. Bodega Bar & Grill - Camiguin This will also bring a touch of nightlife to the western coast of Camiguin from Sagay to Bonbon. For us “eastsiders” there is the nightly risk on the road to encounter a carabao or a fat pig. Strolling dogs are almost guaranteed. 

Maybe the local government abandons the failed road over the mountains and digs a tunnel through Mount Hibok-Hibok. Someone like it hot.

This local government just announced that Camiguin’s attractions will again be open for local tourism from April12. And from April 16 the island will again be open for domestic tourism from other provinces.

Well, I’ll believe it at the moment I feel the sand of White Island under my feet. Meanwhile my belly sings Bodega, Bodega, Bodega.

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