Brownout here and there and anywhere

Yesterday power generation problems in 5 Luzon power plants triggered a nearly island wide brownout.

Just five days to the mid-term elections, electricity consumers in Luzon, including Metro Manila, were gripped with 4 and more hours brownouts yesterday due to the tripping of 5 power plants and compounded by the overloading of a transmission line of the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP).

One block of the Ilijan natural gas-fired power plant was the first to crash, setting off a domino effect on other power generation facilities that resulted in overloading the whole NGCP transmission line.

That’s really not funny, especially now during summer season when it is extremely hot. There even voices saying that it is a test for sabotage of the national mid term elections this week-end.

* * *

On the other side of our planet in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, people got prepared for their summer vacation in the Philippines.

Yesterday they also experienced two black-outs. They also celebrate a fiesta over there and call it “la fête foraine de printemps”. Some visitors of the fiesta will not forget so quickly their visit. They hung up in the sky during nearly two hours. First it might have been exciting, then it became annoying and finally fear crept up. Nobody got hurt and after power came back, all passengers could get off their temporary prison.

Lausanne brownout

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