CAAP pressed to bring Zest Air back to flying

The Civil Aviation Regulators (CAAP) yesterday allowed Zest Airways, Inc. to resume one flight, with the total lifting of a suspension imposed last week to depend on the outcome of safety inspections.
Asked for the reason of the partial lifting, John C. Andrews, CAAP deputy director said, “because Zest Air has reinstated its accountable manager.”
Mr. Yao said Ely Tabora, who resigned last July 17, was back at work.
For your information: Nearly 75 years old Ely Tabora, former Zest Air COO had been fired on July 17, 2013. 
Airline insiders say that Tabora isn’t able anymore to manage and supervise operations.
CAAP informed that Zest Air could resume full operations today. 
Refueling while passengers were on board and excessive pilot flight duty times will be subject to sanctions.
[Editor’s comment:] It would be interesting to monitor a number of bank accounts, wouldn’t it!

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