Coffee + Culture = Italy


Please apologize for this completely off topic post!

Completely off-topic? Hmm, I am still astonished that a country that produces excellent coffee and even one of the best coffees in the world (kape alamid, kape melô or kape musang) reduces its taste to “3 in 1” or this brown water called American coffee.

Being only 2 days back from a journey through Italy I miss the Italian coffee culture. Even our own espresso machine (thanks to Rolf and Richi) does not make such a coffee I tasted in Italy.

And it’s not only the palate taste. It’s also the eye that get’s coffee-addict in Italy. See with your own eyes these “non-photo-shopped”, true pictures:


An espresso is the crown of any tasty meal in Italy.

Cappuccino art Cappuccino art
Cappuccino art Cappuccino art

To see bigger Cappuccino art, please click on the above pictures. Unfortunately Internet is not yet ready to transmit the taste of this most wonderful piece of Italian art.

Cheers, waebi Wink

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