Do you fly naked?

Do you fly naked?
 Do you fly naked?
Taxes and Fees

You do not pay what they offer! You pay much more!

Today we booked a flight for a friend. Cebu Pacific Air offered the flight from Cacayan de oro to Manila for PHP 1,488.00. Promo fares for June 21 were already sold out.

Our friend does not travel naked and has some luggage, so we added 20 kg of luggage. This costs another 250 Pesos. This looks OK. People wihtout luggage should travel cheaper.

But then:

Cebu Pacific offered a reserved seat for another 100 Pesos. We had to cancel this automatic charged seat-reservation.

 Cebu Pacific added 80 Pesos Web Admin Fee. We do not agree. We did the whole booking job and should get the 80 Pesos paid to us.

Now our ticket was already 330 Pesos more expensive!

And then:

We were charged 440 Pesos for fuel surcharge. We were charged for security and non flight service. What the heck is this? And then government also wanted their money: 2 times VAT with a total amount of 237.96 Pesos

The initially offered fare of PHP 1,488.00 went up to PHP 2,500.96. This means  1,012.96 pesos more expensive or an increase of 68%. Vava

The Philippens’ companies and government do everything to frustrate tourists. Our friend will also have the pleasure to deal with cheating taxi drivers in Cagayan de Oro and will have to pay the silly terminal fee in the airport of golden friendship. Arrrrgh Hair

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2 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    That does seem to be the norm for Philippine airlines. PAL was advertising a $700 USD fare between Las Vegas and Cebu on their website…click through and it magically goes up to $1300 with taxes and fees. I’m flying Korean Air.

    Are the Philippine airlines run by former taxi drivers by chance?

  2. FOREST says:

    Right you are! Instead of encouraging good will, airlines like Cebu Pacific alienate people like me. Within hours of getting an email about a new promo fare, you can two days on which it may be available. I have punched a whole month of dates, one day at a time and found zero promos, right after the announcement. I find it makes me hate the airline for deception. And in spite of thise deception, they are squeezing PAL. PAL then goes on to squeeze their old employees by outsourcing to agencies, causing them to take a 40% cut in pay, with service falling by an equal amount. Grrr…. Don’t even get me started on trying to get from one terminal to another in Manila when arriving domestic and connecting to an international flight!!! Very bad image for the nation.

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