Earthquake Series 2017 – We’re just in time

Earthquakes Series Batangas April 2017

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  1. KC says:

    i’m a bit confused of the data. what’s the total number of earthquakes happened this 2017?

  2. KC says:

    follow up! is this all based on phivolcs?

  3. waebi says:

    Hello KC,
    I understand that you are confused. The 2017 number is actually too high. I think it’s about 200 to 400 too much.
    PHIVOLCS did change the data format this year in spring. We then had to introduce a new key to identify each earthquake. Before the key had been only date / time. Now it is the full record of data.
    Now, when PHIVOLCS corrects data of an earthquake, it is considered to be a new one. We’ll check this problem next week or so.
    Cheers, waebi

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