Earthquakes 2012 in the Philippines

Philippines Earthquakes 2012

Last year we recorded 1324 earthquakes in the Philippines. 10 of these quakes were dangerous and at least one of them created big damages in Negros.

We identified 3 hot spots where earthquake accumulate: 

1. The Subduction Zone in the Philippine Trench off the coast of Surigao
2. Negros Island
3. The Transform Fault in the Manila Trench north of Mindoro Island

Philippines Earthquakes 2012
This map is also available in interactive form, where you can zoom in and get data of all quakes.

And some interesting statistical data:

Every day the earth shakes about 3.6 times in the Philippines
896 earthquakes could be felt by people living in the region
97 quakes were at or near the earth’s surface. This means not deeper than 1000 m
1096 earthquakes were of shallow focus, less than 70 km deep
12 earthquakes were of deep focus, more than 300 km deep 

We have already started the 2013 recording. It is here! 

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  1. PriceMe says:

    2013 mas dapat handa tayo dahil mas lalo pang lumalala ang mga kalamidad at mga kahirapan.

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