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Ferry Accident: Sorry for the late update. Last night, this morning and this afternoon we had no power in parts of Camiguin. Here they are, the pictures of Super Shuttle Ferries 11 and 15 off the coast of Balbagon on Camiguin island.

(All pictures can be enlarged. Please respect our copyright)

 Super Shuttle Ferries 11+ 15 off Balbagon

The two stranded and partially sunken ferries. Super Shuttle Ferry 11 before the much bigger Super Shuttle Ferry 15. The position is some 600 meters north of Balbagon port on Camiguin island.

 Super Shuttle Ferries 11+ 15 off Balbagon

Super Shuttle Ferry 11 lays deep in the water and is severely damaged on the right side (starboard for real seamen). Super Shuttle Ferry 15 is much bigger. Damages can not be assessed without going on board.

 Super Shuttle Ferries 11+ 15 off Balbagon


On this picture one can see the short distance from the coast at low tide. During the night and early morning the coast guard put a swimming oil barrier to prevent an oil spill.

Recovered oil from Super Shuttle Ferries

Barrels full of recovered oil from the two ferries.

 Super Shuttle Ferries 11+ 15 off Balbagon

Our reporter “Butch” discussing with the chief of the rescue team. The coastguard and rescue had a tough job last night. Especially when one sees what equipment had been available. Please see below.

 Super Shuttle Ferries 11+ 15 off Balbagon

This rowing boat is the only available transportation between the the shore and the two damaged vessels. A really dangerous job.

 Super Shuttle Ferries 11+ 15 off Balbagon

This part of the beach in Balbagon is often visited by divers. At the position of the two wrecked vessels one can find (could find) wonderful hard and soft corals.

More pictres are available on request. Please use the feedback form at the end of the article. All pictures are copyrighted by Silent Gardens.

Ferry Accident – what had happened?

There are still a lot of different stories told around the island. We report the most obvious one:

Super Shuttle Ferry 15 had plied the route from Cebu to Camiguin in the night from Friday to Saturday, November 21 to 22. The crew then discovered water entering below the water line around the tail shaft. The responsible officer then decided not to sail back to Cebu but wait for a tug to be brought to Cebu.

Instead of dispatching a tug boat with strong engines from Cebu, the company decided that the much smaller and much under-motorized Super Shuttle Ferry 11 should tow the big number 15 to Cebu.

Yesterday they started the operation when sea had been rough and wind blew at 35 km/h. They completely underestimated the strong drifts on this coast. The drifts, the waves and the wind together pushed the two boats northwards and towards the coast. The weak engine of Super Shuttle Ferry 11 had no chance.

Instead of cutting the tow rope and safe at least number 11, the two ships collided and ran on ground in the coral blocks.

And now?

Without heavy gear, the rescue team has to wait for the next very high tide and hope to get the two ships afloat. We aren’t mariners and we aren’t rescue specialists. Therefore we do not comment but keep our ears and eyes open.

No ferry at all

A coast guard officer told us that there would be no ferry operating from or to Camiguin all day today. Tomorrow we’ll see. We also wonder what will happen on Friday night. Will there be another ferry plying the route between Cebu and Camiguin? Stay tuned …

Short update:

11/27/2014 @ 8:19 p.m. There had been no passengers on any of the two ferries. The accident happened during a towing action.



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2 Responses

  1. Arno says:

    Dammit!! That’s EXACTLY on top of one of our dive sites. That point of the beach is exactly the entry to the dive site (we were there for the girls’ Open Water Course, remember?).

    They stopped dynamite fishing and now the corals are getting destroyed by the management of a company that is too cheap to get a proper tugboat.
    I hope they get a good penalty for destroying the environment 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • waebi says:

      Yes I remember. This is why I could write about the coral blocks and the strong currents.

      And you are right, they had finally stopped that awful dynamite fishing, but now they slam ferries on the corals. 🙁

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