Free-diving in Camiguin

Philippines Freedive 2012

Free-diving is diving down without the use of heavy scuba equipment. Just by holding your breath.
With special training and preparation nearly everybody can learn how to hold his breath. And it doesn’t take long. 2-3 days and you will be able to hold your breath for 2-3 minutes. Some people even can hold their breath for 4 minutes after short training.

Again, the Camiguin Action Geckos do it. From May 21 to 27 they organize Open Water Freediver Courses with Freediving Philippines

Philippines Freedive 2012 Photo courtesy of Blue Immersion

The proposed Open Water Freediver Courses May 21 & 22 and May 26 & 27 include:

Introduction ? Pictures and Videos, including the latest record attempt videos …
Disciplines ? Info about Static, Dynamic, Deep Diving
Equipment ? Special Masks, Monofin, Fluid Goggles…
Physiology ? Human Body and Freediving, Dive Reflex, …
Physics ? Effects of pressure

Pool Training 
Breathing Techniques ? Different Breathing Techniques
Relaxation Techniques ? Mental Training to get relaxed fast
Breath Hold Training ? How to deal with the Urge to breath
Training Tips ? More Tips for improving your skills after the course
Safety ? Do’s and Don’ts – with a special on why you should never hyperventilate

Deep Diving Training
The Dive ? Correct Fin kick, Decent, Ascent, Turning
Equalization ? How to equalize even at greater Depths
Physiology ? Physiology of Deep Freediving
Safety ? Buddy Safety System

Format / Duration
Open Water Freediver is held over 2-days, 6- 8-hrs/day, start at 9am
3 classroom theory sessions
2 pool training sessions (in shallow open water)
2 open water deep diving sessions

Swimming or snorkeling experience
Average health and fitness
16 years of age with guardian permission

For more information visit the Camiguin Action Geckos and Freediving Philippines.

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