Good News: Subic Seaplane is fully cerified

Last Monday I had been a bit hard with Subic Seaplane. The airline could prove that they are fully certified and therefore legally allowed to transport passengers in their two seaplanes. Copies of the required cerificates are in our possession.

Subic Seaplane

Currently the only problem is still the pilot who sends greetings from the USA. 

But I maintain my observation that one can not compare the Maldives’ seaplanes and the Philippines’ seaplanes. 40 plus of modern seaplanes in the Maldives against 2 seaplanes in the Philippines. 

As long as a foreigner is not allowed to create his own company without a majority in Filipino possession, as long you won’s see a development. Or maybe one of the tycoons fetches the idea. Who knows? Fool

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