Historic picture of Hibok-Hibok Volcano ?

Hibok-Hibok historic

Today we got a historic picture of “young” Hibok-Hibok volcano or is it Mount Vulcan?

“Young” means geologically young. We are still a bit troubled because the drawing seems to show Hibok-Hibok volcano from White Island off the coast of Camiguin.
But the date of 1886 makes us rather think of Mount Vulcan Daan or the Old Volcano. Its eruption in 1870 destroyed Bonbon, the old capital  of Camiguin island. But this is too late for this drawing. Of what volcano are they writing?

Hibok-Hibok historic 

We thank Martin Geuther and Fishbook Jeric Chan for the picture.
We hope to find a copy of this book. If you have a hint, please inform us.

Read more about Hibok-Hibok volcano Link

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