Hot and sunny Philippines

Golden Oriole

Hot and sunny weather in the Philippines – Summer Time! It’s really motivating to get up early. Getting up at 05:00 a.m., swim in the warm sea and watch the orange ball of the sun slowly climbing out of the waters. 

The announced LPA 98W is moving north to northwest. The system is still weak with 1010 hPa and winds of 30 to 35 km/h near the center. If this LPA continues on it’s current track, it might bring showers and a bit of wind to northern Samar and then Catanduanes tonight.

Philippines Weather 2014-04-22

Except of this small and weak disturbance the weather is hot and sunny all over the Philippines. In our garden lot of birds are building their nests or already learn their youngster how to fly.

Golden Oriole

Photo by Butch Cortez

This Golden Oriole is nesting high up in one of our Antipolo trees. It’s a surprise to find this bird in the Philippines because its preferred living zone is Eurasia between Spain and Mongolia. The only explanation to find this bird in Camiguin is that it’s more sun and more fun here than in still cold Mongolia.


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