Italianni’s Restaurant Cagayan de Oro – oh no!

Italianni’s Restaurant prosciutto e formaggio

We like Italian food and we like Italianni’s Restaurant in Makati and in the Mall of Asia (MOA) but not the one in the Centrio mall in Cagayan de Oro.

Since the Centrio mall in Cagayan de Oro opened we had 3 times been at Italianni’s Restaurant. This time had been really the last time. We are the kind of people who do not easily say “never again”, but this time it is definite.

When we are in Manila and Makati, we like to go dining at Italianni’s Restaurant. The one in Greenbelt is simply excellent with wonderful, real Italian menus. The quality of the food is always on the top and the staff is cheerful and make us really feel welcome. The other one in the Mall of Asia gives the same good feeling and adds an exciting view on the Manila bay.

Italianni’s Restaurant Manila BayPhoto courtesy of Bung Tiaoqui

Italianni’s Restaurant Cagayan de Oro

This is the absolute contrary. They do have no idea of Italian gastronomy and one feels rather like a an annoyance than a guest. Italianni’s Restaurants aren’t cheap. For their prices one can expect good quality of food and service.

But a bottle of imported Italian red wine, a Merlot del Piave, should be served at a correct temperature and not at 28°C. This had been last year. This year’s deception is shown in the photo in the header. They call “Prosciutto e Formaggio”. The original picture in the menu card looks like this:

prosciutto e formaggio

The description is: Four of the best that Italy has to offer in a plate; Milano Salami, Parma ham, Gongonzola and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (the typo is written as this in their menu card).

What I got looked like this:

Italianni’s Restaurant prosciutto e formaggio

There is a little bit missing of everything, but the salami was missing completely. I tasted everything and got upset. The platter served had been a left-over from the day before or maybe from noon. The Gorgonzola, the blue cheese was hard and not creamy, the Parmigiano was a sweating piece of dry cardboard. The salame di Milano was missing and the so called Parma ham was just a greasy left over with the skin still attached.
I asked the waitress to see the cook. She asked several times why! Finally the manager on duty, Phoebe, came to our table. I explained the disgusting problem. After 15 minutes she came back with a fresh replacement.

When we finally paid, Phoebe asked me to send a feedback by text to a cellphone number printed on a card. The back of the card listed all the topics to include in the text. I didn’t do so because I hate to type long texts on my phone. But I promised to write a review (sic!)

We still will go to Italianni’s Restaurant in Makati and SOA, but never again in Cagayan de Oro.

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