Laguindingan airport – a crippled project

CGY roads

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  1. Andy Heiter says:

    It might not be fair to compare Zurich and Languindingan but it might give an idea. The work to improve an airport is not so much different in a big or a smaller airport. In Zurich they will be replacing a concret strip of the main landing runway (3300m x 25m) with asphalt and replacing the all lighting systems good for CAT III landings within 6 month and works will be done between 2200 to 0600 starting March 14 (and they will start and end as planned in October 14). There will be no interruption of landing traffic during the normal operational hours.
    A simple ILS (Instrument Landing System, not categorised or even CAT I) can be installed and tested within 6 month and for this an interruption of the operation is not necessary.
    It is all about planning and management…!

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