Laguindingan Airport also called by locals Dimalandingan Airport


Locals call Cagayan de Oro’s new airport Laguindingan  now “Dimalandingan Airport” (kung maulan). This means no landing when it rains.

Laguindingan Airport isn’t a step forward, it is a hundred steps backward!

The airport building is really nice and it is (still) clean and (still) working. But the rest?
Forget it! 

Runway: Only a sunny weather runway. Nice to look at when you can see it.
Access road: You rather would like Paris-Dakar
Taxis: You’ll need an account at a Swiss bank to pay their fares

These days, when you fly to CdO you never know if you land in Davao, Cebu or even Manila. Of course, sometimes you really land in CdO.
From sunset to sunrise nothing goes. And when it rains you won’t need an umbrella, because the pilot won’t see the runway, so he flies somewhere where the sun shines.  

On Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri we re-route our guests through Cebu. On Tue, Thu and Sat we fetch them in Butuan.


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