M/V Catherine – no update

Abu Sayyaf Pirates

On May 3 and 4 we wrote about the vanished crew of M/V Catherine off the shores of southern Palawan. Up to now neither our contacts in Palawan nor the Philippine National Police (PNP) could bring light into this kidnapping crime.

Meanwhile no official information had been published. Rumors say that Stefan Viktor Okonek (Okoveix?), 71, and his female companion, Herike (Henrike?)  Diesen, 55, were forcibly taken from their yacht at Rio Tubbataha, an hour’s ride from Puerto Princesa in Palawan. The ASG* bandits allegedly used a speedboat owned by another ASG* leader, Idang Susukan, in snatching the German nationals. 

Professor Octavio Dinampo of the Mindanao State University (MSU) in Sulu said  according to his informants, the two are now with ASG* leader Radulan Sahiron. He also said the two were initially brought to the ASG* stronghold in Sitio Sangay, Barangay Buhanginan in Patikul and were later transported to Barangay Kabbon Takas, also in Patikul. Later they were brought to the mountains where there is an ASG safehouse, away from the military. (Source: Topsail Insurance).

Pirates aren’t anymore in the Caribbeans but are still in the Sulu Archipelago.  

* ASG means Abu Sayyaf Group – جماعة أبو سياف .

If you have any news, please report.


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    That should be Rio Tuba not Tubbataha.

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