New terminal 1 in Manila’s NAIA – a never ending story

The discussion around Manila’s airport and especially NAIA-1 (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) goes in a new round – or does it restart at the beginning?

The design team of world famous furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue, interior designer Budji Layug, and architect Royal Pineda insist that they were contracted by the government to participate in redesigning the new look for the aging NAIA 1. The trio who has been working on the NAIA-1 redesign project for the past eight months without being paid.

And now:

The trio had to find out from friends and colleagues that they would no longer be tasked with the NAIA-1 project. Leandro V. Locsin & Associates has been named as the official design team for NAIA 1.

The DoTC said, the government considered Pineda, Layug, and Cobonpue’s plans as mere “suggestions”.


Read the full opinion here Link

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