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The Philippines and Dante – seems to be a love/hate relationship!

Not a month ago, Francis Tolentino, chairman of Metro Manila Development Authority, got sick about Dan Browns last novel “Inferno” because Brown linked Manila to Dante Alighieri’s view of the hell. See here Link.

And now PAGASA attributes the name of “Dante” to the first really strong Tropical Depression of this year entering the Philippines’ Area of Responsibility (PAR).

While the Tropical Depression “Dante” is still bringing some heavy rains to Luzon, Bicol and the Eastern Visayas, the schoolbooks in the Philippines do not tell children and students about “Durante degli Alighieri”, simply referred to as “Dante Alighieri”.

I stop now. I love the Philippines and I love Pinoys and Pinays and their culture. But please invest in education. Your national hero already asked for 117 years ago before the Spaniards killed him for his request – don’t kill him again. For those who do not understand, I think of Jose Rizal.

With Internet available anywhere in the country, even at very slow connection speed, the kids can have access to the knowledge. Give it to them, enable learning. 

And last but not least: Teach the teachers !

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