Old Silent Gardens still lives!

Old Silent-Gardens

Hit with Brick We got many mails and even phone calls from our community. Most of them were friendly and asked us to make the old Silent Gardens available at least until the new version is fully on-line. And there had also been some ugly mails.

The old Silent Gardens is not off-line. It is here: Old Silent Gardens, or click on the picture below. Happy nostalgia!

Be careful! This old version of Silent Gardens is not maintained or updated anymore. Automatic updates like on the Weather Page still work.

We feel a bit like Microsoft. They wanted to get rid of their old Windows XP, but the community still loves XP. So Microsoft still continues to provide security updates for 14 years old Win-XP.

A nostalgic view, and still on-line!

Old Silent-Gardens Sweet Kiss Too Sad


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2 Responses

  1. Phil says:

    Wether under the old design or the new – we love Silent Gardens

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