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NAIA-3, wear a helmet! 0

NAIA-3, wear a helmet!

NAIA-3: An official says a large chunk of the ceiling at Manila’s new airport terminal collapsed but there have been no injuries or disruptions. Airport manager Alfonso Cusi says a fiber cement board covering...

What’s up with SEAIR? 0

What’s up with SEAIR?

Does SEAIR not fly anymore to Camiguin? Over a month ago our guests from France got stuck in Mambajao because their SEAIR flight was canceled. The next flight 3 days later was also canceled....

Scorpion: refreshing shower 2

Have a refreshing shower

Yesterday evening I wanted to have a refreshing shower after a long day of work. But no, there was a squatter in the shower. Not knowing if this scorpion is poisonous, I took a...

Animals in Bohol 0

Animals in Bohol

The Philippines are very rich of animals. In Bohol you can find them nearly everywhere. The only things you need is enough time and a good guide. (Thanks Hampi). First a Tarsier There is...

“Patsada” means enchanting 0

“Patsada” means enchanting

Silent Gardens is happy to inform you about Suzy and Ralph’s Patsada Cottages in Camiguin. What you should know: A real tropical hillside paradise, more than 8.000sqm of lush flower, fruit & palm gardens,...

Dengue is still a DANGER 0

Dengue is still a DANGER

The Philippines Department of Health reported: 18,705 Dengue cases all over the country, from January 1, 2007 to September 1, 2007. 119 deaths with a case mortality rate of 196. 77% of cases were...

NAIA Terminal 3 is operational 0

NAIA Terminal 3 is operational

On July 1 Cebu Pacific Air moved parts of its operations to NAIA Terminal 3. It seems that this had been a test run. Now Cebu Pacific Air announces that they move their entire...

Tabing Dagat 0

Tabing Dagat

Tabing Dagat our Culinary Discovery In the Philippines it is often difficult to find a good restaurant with original Filipino cuisine. Either you go to a resort or a big western hotel and you...

Camiguin: Costal Highway open again 0

Camiguin: Costal Highway open again

On April 19 we informed that the national highway in Camiguin is interrupted. Please see here  The coastal Highway (ring road) is now open again. There are still works on the slope of Old...

You must get up early to see the beauty 0

You must get up early to see the beauty

Mayon is magic. Frequent readers of this blog do know my preference for volcanoes. But Mayon is not a volcano as others, Mayon is the most beautiful volcano on earth. But to see the...

Cebu Pacific price increase 0

Cebu Pacific price increase

Cebu Pacific Air informs that since July 1, 2008 the excess baggage fee has doubled from PHP 50 to PHP 100 per kilogram. We do not yet have information about the other airlines.

Two new pages 0

Two new pages

We added two new pages: – Golf: a list of all golf clubs and courses in the Philippines islands  – Fiestas and Festivals Calendar    By the way, today we celebrate St. Peter’s fiesta...

New Office 0

New Office

Silent Gardens has a new office. We moved to Bolok-Bolok (Mambajao) on the island of Camiguin. The new office is on the beach and from the desk we can see Bohol island.

MTV shooting on Camiguin Island 0

MTV shooting on Camiguin Island

Due to the turbulences of typhoon Fengshen the MTV did arrive one day late on Camiguin island. Today MTV did take sequences with 2 crews in different spots of our island. The final movie...

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