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Where were all the taxis? 0

Where were all the taxis?

When arriving in Manila’s NAIA airport you usually do not have to wait for a taxi. There are always plenty of them at the airport.  But what happened today? Arriving passengers did queue up...

Astonishing Hair Style in Guimaras 0

Astonishing Hair Style in Guimaras

Filipinas are known for their long, smooth black hair, but there are exceptions. One of them we discovered today at El Retiro Beach Park in Brgy. San Miguel Buonavista on Guimaras island. What an...

Bad Roads in Panay 0

Bad Roads in Panay

I just took a bus from Tangalan to Iloilo. The roads in central Panay are in an awful state.  The bus needed some 5 hours. (OK, we stopped in Kalibo, because the crew was...

Philippines Land Transportation Pages Updated 0

Philippines Land Transportation Pages Updated

Our Land Transportation Pages are updated. There is plenty of information belonging to: – Buses – Taxis – Jeppneys – Tricycles and Motorelas We hope that these information is useful for you. 

Lawnmower got a baby 0

Lawnmower got a baby

The lawnmower of Ernst & Silvia Richner got a baby. Ernst and Silvia are the owners of the DUMATAD TROPIC RESORT. For years now they use an ecological lawnmower instead of a noisy and...

Sunburn on White Island 0

Sunburn on White Island

The white sands of the Philippine beaches like the ones on White Island reflect the sun. This is why you MUST wear the MANDATORY 3 PIECE SWIMMSUIT: 1) HAT 2) SUNGLASSES 3) SUNSCREEN If...

Squatters ! 0

Squatters !

Maybe you know that Filipino houses do have 2 kitchens, one inside for the clean and non-smelly work, and one outside, called the dirty kitchen, for work like fish and meat cleaning and cutting....

Camiguin ring road interrupted 1

Camiguin ring road interrupted

The 64km ring road around Camiguin Island is interrupted at km 54. This is between Naasag and the Old Volcano in the north-west of the Island. There are security maintenance works up the volcano...

No shadow! 0

No shadow!

Have you ever stood in the bright sunlight and you could not see your shadow? I experienced this thrilling feeling just 2 hours ago in Cagayan de Oro on the Island of Mindanao. Make...

Traveling office and Internet 0

Traveling office and Internet

Traveling and working is an easy task in the Philippines. All you need is a laptop computer and a cell-phone. SMART, the largest telecoms operator within the Philippines offers GPRS connections even with your...

Again Cebu Pacific Air 0

Again Cebu Pacific Air

Again Cebu-Pacific Air – The real Pinoy Airline – The story about Philip Today I had to travel from Kalibo (KLO) to Cagayan de Oro (CGY). There are no direct flights (why not?), so...

4 new pages about Panay Island 0

4 new pages about Panay Island

We are pleased to inform you that there are 4 new tourism pages on our website: – Boracay Island  – Mararison Island – Lezo, the potters village – Panay Island Roundtrip Happy reading and...

Septic Infection 0

Septic Infection

I have ever told that one should be careful with small skin scratches.  I did not! (See also our MEDICAL advice page ) I rubbed an itching mosquito-bite and bingo! The small wound infected with...

Got a bug 0

Got a bug

Working at night in the Philippines can be very exiting. It’s never cold. You hear all the natural sounds of waves, insects and other animals. Sometimes a karaoke machine is too loud.  Last night...

La Niña! Who’s that? 0

La Niña! Who’s that?

Since fall 2007 we encounter bad weather conditions. Is it “La Niña”? La La Niña  causes mostly the opposite effects of El Niño, for example, El Niño  would cause a dry period in the...

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