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Yesterday we announced the “Philippines bus trip calculator“. Friends have tested the calculator and found that the results are almost real. About an hour ago we were happy to release the only online  “Philippines bus trip calculator“.

There are still some challenges with the Philippines geography: a lot of islands (about 7107) and a lot of mountains.

One thing is impossible to include: The road conditions. There is unfortunately no real-time information available. Road conditions can change very fast. A landslide can damage or even interrupt a road. This wouldn’t affect the bus fares, but increase the trip duration towards infinity.

The same problem hits when it comes to traffic congestion. The daily traffic jams we could catch, but the sudden bottlenecks can not be predicted.

How the “Philippines bus trip calculator” works

With Google Earth you measure the direct distance from your trip start point to the end point. The result you insert in the calculator. You then have to choose the bus type and indicate whether there are mountains (or even hills). With a click on the “Calculate” button your job is done. Try it now!

 Bus trip calculator


Would you like to help us?

Our friends and Butch and I have tested the calculator with trips we’ve done several times and from which we know the duration and the fares we had paid. Our test trips were:

Manila – Naga City → passed 9/10
Baccolod – Dumaguete → passed 9/10
Balingoan – Cagayan de Oro → passed 8/10
Caticlan – Kalibo → passed 9/10
Kalibo – Iloilo → passed 8/10

All these trips have passed the tests. The results were from acceptable to surprisingly good. And now you!
If you travel by bus in the next weeks and months, please note the travel time, the bus type and if there were hills or even mountains. Note also the trip’s start and endpoint. At home you then may test our  “Philippines bus trip calculator“. Please send us the result of your test. We then have a chance to improve. Thank you very much.


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