“Piliebers” plan airports and railways in the Philippines

Panglao Island International Airport

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  1. Richi says:

    Aber, aber, Waebi, so böse über die Phil’s zu schreiben, die träumten schon immer, darum sind sie ja die besten und strengst arbeitenden vom der Rest der Welt!!!!!

  2. Barry says:

    Who knows when the Puerto Princesa “new” airport layout will happen?
    This doesn’t look promising :- “Last month, I wrote about how the Department of Transportation and Communications has also run into trouble in Puerto Princesa City, where, like in Cebu, it is bidding out the expansion of the local airport. I’ve been told that when one of the two bidders for the Puerto Princesa Airport Development Project, Korea-based Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction Co. Ltd., pointed out to DOTC that its rival bidder was in a conflict-of-interest situation, the bright boys at the department simply ignored the complaint.

    Hanjin’s beef is that the other bidder, Kumho Industrial Co. Ltd., not only violated the terms of reference set by DOTC itself regarding such conflicts – Kumho also set a more expensive price for the work of upgrading the Palawan airport. (Hanjin and Kumho were the only companies qualified to bid for the project, because it is being funded by a Korean Eximbank loan.)

    In a letter last Dec. 5, Hanjin asked DOTC to disqualify Kumho for being in a conflict-of-interest situation because Incheon International Airport Corp. is a partner of Kumho in the recently bid out (but as yet unawarded) Mactan Cebu airport project and was also a DOTC consultant. The instructions to the bidders in both projects were clear that such conflicted partnerships were disallowed.

    Furthermore, according to Hanjin, its own offer for the Puerto Princesa project was $82.923 million, while Kumho bid $83.257 million for the same deal. In other words, Hanjin’s bid is lower than Kumho’s by $334,000 (about P15 million). This is a clear case of a bidder who offered to charge more securing a project, even if a rival bidder made a better offer and wasn’t even disqualified.

    Hanjin said DOTC compromised the integrity of the bidding process because the impartiality of the DOTC’s bids and awards committee was suspect, especially because it was assisted in the process by Incheon, which is the partner of another bidder.
    (Jojo Robles, Manila Standard Today, Feb 12 2014)
    (Political comment in original article deleted)

    Currently, the Airport Terminal frontage is being altered with a new drop off/ pick up road being built to provide space for the new tented arrival and departure areas. Cost P20 million.
    And 1 million tourists for Palawan? Not according to these figures ;
    “Regional Tourism Director Becky Labit said Puerto Princesa achieved growth rates of 23.36 percent in 2011 and 27 percent in 2012 but it dropped in 2013 from five to seven percent.”

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