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We feel so happy far away from the big cities. Camiguin is really a unique island among the 7107 islands in the Philippines. Camiguin is definitely the island for nature lovers.

Some weeks ago we saw couples of little yellow birds “Yellow-bellied Sunbirds” flying into our garage and hang around our office. They were rather noisy during the day shouting a high pitched sound like “tweet”. 

I had a look in the garage and found a flask-shaped nest made of grass and plastic debris hanging on a cable on the ceiling. Another nest had been attached out of the office at a wall-lamp.

Yellow-bellied Sunbird

The little birds flew in and out, bringing grass, leaves and a big lot of insects.

Unfortunately I had to move the cable, because our telco boys could move our wires.

At this moment I could peep into the nest and found two small greenish-blue eggs.

I fixed with tape the nest on a steel-bar at the ceiling. 

The birds did not get disturbed and flew in and out all the time. 

During two weeks we didn’t take notice of our guests. 

They flew out to visit our hibiscus flowers.

But today, we suddenly heard our dog barking. It has not been an alert, rather a “come – have a look” signal. Our dog looked at a little bird at the entrance. Seeing that the little guy was a bit shocked, Ierene picked the little bird up from the ground.


The little guy had started to learn flying. Flying went well but had been so energy consuming. There hadn’t simply been not enough “fuel” for another take-off.

Sunbird junior
The little Sunbird is fully developed but still lacks of energy and experience. Ierene put it on the leaves of the plants covering our wall. 

I just checked our little friend. He’s sleeping. I hope, he catches up enough energy to fly back to his nest tomorrow. Otherwise we’ll have to feed and educate. But maybe our bird is already on the road because  the young leave the nest about two or three weeks after hatching.

Wish you always “three greens” little bird.

Ierene has posted her pictures here Link

And there are other birds nesting. I like the black ones shining a bit blue and having red eyes. Maybe I can catch a picture.

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