Seaplanes are back in the Philippines

Air Juan Seaplane

Seaplanes are back in the Philippines! Air Juan offers seaplane trips to Palawan and other islands. Today we also had the pleasure to add Asian Institute of Aviation or AIA to our Air Charter page.

Air Juan Charter

With 7107 islands, one of the longest coastlines in the world, countless lagoons, coves, bays and endless beaches the Philippines is a Seaplane heaven. Find your perfect island or seaside resort and fly there direct from harbor to beach. We already wondered years ago why nobody sets up an operation like the Maldivian Air Taxis, now Trans Maldivian Airways. The old Subic Seaplanes seem still to exist but are not operating.

And now the brand new Amphibian Cessna Grand Caravan EX of Air Juan is fully equipped with modern avionics, leather seats and air-conditioning. With 8 comfortable seats everyone can easily enjoy the view as we pass over lush green islands, blue lagoons, and volcanoes. Here it is:

Air Juan Seaplane


Seaplanes are back in the Philippines. If you like you may read more here.

Asian Institute of Aviation

The AIA website almost omits their air charter business because of their main business, training pilots. With a fleet of small Cessna 172, comfortable Piper Seneca, fast King Air B200 and VIP Westwind jet they also offer charter flights within the Philippines. You will have to get in contact with them for booking.

AIA is situated in Subic Bay International Airport inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Subic Bay was developed by the United States and used to be the home of their naval fleet in the Pacific. Today, it is a top destination for both local and international tourists. Nice beaches, watersports (jet-ski, banana boat, kayak, diving etc) historical spots, zoo zafari, ocean adventure, football field, karting, numerous hotels & fine international food selection and a yatch club are just some of the Subic Bay attraction.

And why not make your PPL or other license flying between the 7107 islands of the Philippines?

Asian Institute of Aviation


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