Septic Infection

I have ever told that one should be careful with small skin scratches. 
I did not! (See also our MEDICAL advice page Link)
I rubbed an itching mosquito-bite and bingo! The small wound infected with some ugly bacterias. When I found myself in a very bad shape (high fever and very low blood pressure) I had no other choice than to go to a hospital. Best choice in Kalibo is the Aklan Cooperative Mission Hospital.

Aklan Cooperative Mission Hospital

Diagnostic was a septic shock.
Septic shock is a condition caused by an infection in the bloodstream (sepsis) in which blood pressure falls dangerously low and many organs malfunction because of inadequate blood flow.
After a head to foot check including ECG, I got in an aircon room with cable TV and refrigerator. The staff (doctors and nurses) checked my well-being every 30 minutes. 

Aklan Cooperative Mission Hospital

In the Philippines it is usual that relatives bring food and drinks. They even get an extra bed inside the patient’s room. Being a lonely wolf, the nurses around me organized food from a nearby eatery. So I got 3 times a day delicious Pinoy food with lots of fresh fruit. 

Raquel of Aklan Cooperative Mission Hospital

I would like to thank the whole crew for their outstanding work and service. After a bit more than 2 days I’ve been OK again and could go home (with a big pack of pills of course).

WARNING: When a small scratch gets black or you find red dots around, do not hesitate to see a doctor.

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