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Zuuki Yoshida

Sometimes we are overrun with inquiries but also with spam and hacking attempts. But it is still a real pleasure to have a Web 2.0 website, where people can communicate with us but this means also a lot of work.

But there are good, even excellent moments. Last night we encountered a very interesting man – YUUKI YOSHIDA.

Yuuki Yoshida sent us a common question:
What is a proper one short sentence for expressing what BAHALANA means? Thank you.

We answered:
“Bahala na” is described in “Basic Tagalog” as a Filipino philosophy, translated approximately as “Happen what may!” or “Whatever will be, will be?”
Filipinos are fatalists. If they can’t resolve a problem or change a situation, they wait that the problem resolves itself or that the situation changes.

And then it started:
Yuuki Yoshida sent us information about himself. 
Yoshida-san is a Japanese citizen living in the Philippines.
As a young, handicapped boy of 11 years of age he lived in Hiroshima, when the bomb hit his hometown.
Now  Yoshida-san is over 80 years old. He has his own website and is sharing his life’s experiences. Imagine, you’re over 80 years old and maintain your website! 


Yuuki Yoshida

Here it is:

[Editor’s cooment:] How I wish to be as fit, when I will reach 80+ years. I am so happy having met Yoshida-san on the Internet. My recommendation: Live with your
eyes, your ears and your mind open. You’ll meet people that bring much more than
only words to you. 


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