Some Facts about Earthquakes in the Philippines in 2011

Earthquakes 2011 Negros Occidental

2011 the earth shook 814 times in the Philippines.

We only count earthquakes whose origins were within the Philippines, although there could be felt some earthquakes from outside places.

There are different elements that make you feel an earthquake and that determines its destructiveness. These are the magnitude (the strength of the shock), the depth of the origin, the direction of the movement (horizontal or vertical), the kind and composition of the underground and last but not least the location of the epicenter.

Philippines Earthquakes 2011
Click on the map to access the interactive map.

Of the 814 earthquakes the following magnitude distribution was measured:

Magnitude # of quakes
6 and more 5
5 to 6 40
4 to 5 122
3 to 4 385
2 to 3 236
less than 2 26

The following depth distribution was found:

Depth # of quakes
0-1 km 45
2-5 km 45
6-9 km 40
10-19 km 156
20-49 km 346
50-99 km 100
100+ km  82

Fortunately only the earthquake swarm near Sipalay (Negros occidental) caused some damages in Sipalay and Cauayan. Nobody had been hurt or killed. The initial shock had been strong (magnitude 6.2) and shallow (only 4 km deep).

Earthquakes 2011  Negros Occidental

The interactive 2012 earthquake map is here Link

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