Still learning – Papaya

Papaya - the flowers

It’s really more fun in the Philippines.
(Sorry, brown-out just at this moment, I’ll continue later. Tomorrow maybe!)

Beautiful Papayas grow in our garden. We don’t know where they come from, but the 3 of them are now here and have a size of 10 to 12 feet. Two of the plants produce nice and tasty fruits for breakfast, but the 3rd one makes nice little flowers but no fruits. Don't know

Today I asked our workers why the 3rd plant is flowering but not producing any fruits.
Bright laughter – it’s a male!  ROFL

Fruit crops says:
Papayas are sometimes said to be “trioecious” meaning that separate plants bear either male, female, or bisexual flowers. Female and bisexual flowers are waxy, ivory white, and borne on short peduncles in leaf axils along the main stem. Flowers are solitary or small cymes of 3 individuals. Ovary position is superior. Prior to opening, bisexual flowers are tubular and female flowers are pear shaped. Since bisexual plants produce the most desirable fruit and are self-pollinating, they are preferred over female or male plants. 

Papaya - the flowers Papaya Fruits
Male or female? You only see it when you finally taste the fruits.
My opinion: Live in the Philippines and get wise Yahoo

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