Super-Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin” again stronger: 905 hPa only!

Weather 2012-09-25

Super-Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin” got again stronger. Its core pressure went down to 905 hPa and JMA (the Japan Meteorological Agency) expect a pressure of 895 hPa at the end of the day. The Super Typhoon is still slowly moving at 10 km/h in direction North to Northwest.

As wind always blows from high pressure areas to low pressure zones, the pressure difference is a direct indicator for the wind speed. A big difference means strong winds.

The Japan Meteorological Agency warns of a very violent typhoon within the next 24 hours. Typhoon  “JELAWAT / Lawin” is a Super-Typhoon Category 4!

24 hours forecast:
– Moving slowly North to Northwest at 10 km/h
– Central pressure is 895 hPa !!!
– Max. wind is 198 km/h near center
– Gusts are 288 km/h

Weather 2012-09-25

PAGASA issued the following storm warnings:

Signal 1 (30-60 km/h winds) in:
– Isabela
– Cagayan
– Calayan
– Babuyan Group of Islands 

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