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National Grid Corporation of the Philippines 3

Only 240 Megawatt lacking

 I write this short blog entry with solar power, although the batteries are only 70% charged because of the cloudy skies.  The power situation in Mindanao is not changing. It is 100% a political...

Solar Panel 6

No Power in Mindanao

Last night, around 03:00 a.m. it started to get warm in the bedroom. The fan didn’t work anymore. Reason: Brownout. The whole Mindanao Power Grid failed. Mindanao and associated islands were simply a black...


Brownout here and there and anywhere

Yesterday power generation problems in 5 Luzon power plants triggered a nearly island wide brownout. Just five days to the mid-term elections, electricity consumers in Luzon, including Metro Manila, were gripped with 4 and...

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