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Typhoon BOPHA / Pablo – Short Update 09:00 AM on December 04, 2012 1

Typhoon BOPHA / Pablo – Short Update 09:00 AM on December 04, 2012

This is a short update only: Typhoon BOPHA / Pablo has slightly weakened after having made landfall. It is now moving west to northwest and crossing over Mindanao. In Camiguin the situation is nearly normal....

Super Shuttle Ferry 1 in Benoni port 0

Passengers stranded in Camiguin

At least 300 passengers got stranded in Camiguin last Sunday because their Ferry, actually Super Shuttle Ferry 1  reportedly had 70 more passengers on board than the maximum number of 270 passengers it is allowed...

Tridacna crocea 0

Tridacna Superstar in Camiguin

“Tridacna crocea” is one of the giant clams growing in the waters around Camiguin island. The giant clams nursery at Kabila White Beach in Cantaan is breeding this astonishing clam in basins and protect...

Philippines Freedive 2012 1

Free-diving in Camiguin

Free-diving is diving down without the use of heavy scuba equipment. Just by holding your breath. With special training and preparation nearly everybody can learn how to hold his breath. And it doesn’t take long....

CT-Zip-1 0

Camiguin Tourism Office publishes pictures

After the advanced opening of the Camiguin Zipline in Benoni, the Camiguin Tourism Office published last night some pictures of the “exclusive” opening on facebook.   Photos courtesy of Camiguin Tourism Office   

LED Light mad in the Philippines 0

Brown out – what else?

This is the second week that northern Mindanao suffers planned brown-outs. It seems, that they will last until end of April. Anywhere in the world people are calling electrical power-cuts a “black-out”. But the...

funny-shark 0

Funny sharks

Until last year Camiguin had been a quiet volcanic island in the southern Bohol Sea, just a few miles north of Mindanao. Camiguin is still the Island of natural wonders and the most friendly...

Rate resorts, hotels and restaurants 1

Rate your favorite Resort

Yesterday we informed you that Nara Caligdong has joined our team (see here). Together with Nara, our team developed an entirely new Camiguin Resort, Hotel and Restaurant Guide.  There are 3 brand-new features:   ...

Aicraft Crash in Camiguin – update no gossip 4

Aicraft Crash in Camiguin – update no gossip

Gossip is awful! We experienced yesterday. Say what you saw! Anything more is gossip. Nobody on ground had really seen the aircraft coming down, but some people in Barangay Baylao experienced the impact. They...

Camiguin Airport Approach RP-C208-1 6

Aicraft Crash in Camiguin – update 4

EXCLUSIVE There is no new information at this moment. As usual in the Philippines, gossip spreads at light speed, but the information is more than confusing. The only secured information we got is about...

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